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"A client’s satisfaction is not determined by how you price your offerings but by how well and how consistently you meet that client’s needs."

— Fürst C. von Gaav

Ooops!  I wasn't aware that fees reduce the return on my investment!
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Our Compensation & Fees

Our compensation structure is designed to eliminate any and all conflicts of interest wherever and whenever possible. The fee you pay us is our only income.  We neither receive nor accept any commissions, trails, marketing fees, finder's fees, referral fees, rebates, gifts, or economic benefit of any kind from anyone.


We operate on a flat-fee-for-service basis, determined solely by the nature and complexity of the work that you engage us to perform; neither the amount of assets that you have under our care nor the size of the transactions involved has any bearing on the fees that we charge.


At the time of our initial meeting we jointly agree on the average number of hours per month required to fully perform our services; this is then expressed as an annual amount. Our fees are charged monthly, in arrears, at the end of the month in which management services have been rendered. Fees remain fixed for the duration of your Investment Agreement unless your objectives or the degree of complexity of your portfolio(s) change, or major economic conditions require it. Under no circumstances will changes to our compensation take effect without your expressed written approval.

You may cancel your Investment Agreement at any time, without penalty, simply by notifying us in writing.

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