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Managing your money prudently, skillfully and intelligently under a variety of vexing market conditions and economic scenarios in such a way as to preserve your capital, generate stable income and provide opportunities for its sustainable growth, all at the lowest possible level of risk . . .  that's the power of Intelligent Investing!



Are you concerned about . . .
      - market volatility and how it may affect your investments?
            - protecting your capital?
                  - generating a stable income to meet your current needs?
                        - prudently growing your funds to meet long-term objectives?

If you have $500,000 or more invested in the financial markets, you have a great deal at stake and, obviously, a great deal at risk. We stick to what we know best:  managing investment portfolios and managing risk.  We manage money skillfully, prudently and intelligently.  It is all we do.


“…One of the reasons you should engage a professional money manager

is to provide a distance between your money and your emotions."

— Robert Kleinschmidt

We provide investment advisory and
portfolio management services to institutions

and to high-net-worth individuals and their families.

Our strict investment selection criteria enables us to judiciously choose from thoroughly researched and fully optionable exchange-traded  stocks,  bonds, commodities and foreign currencies.  A high-level approach to managing money at a fair and competitive fee from an experienced, unbiased and conflict free Registered Investment Adviser.



Why Galápagos Advisors

We combine the knowledge, experience, sophistication and skills of a major firm with the personalized services of an upscale boutique to provide you with a very high level of investment advisory and portfolio management services at a fair and cost-effective fee.


Since our founding in 2003 our singular focus has been on skillfully managing investment portfolios with which to meet our clients' unique short-, intermediate-, and long-term financial objectives with strategies designed to generate consistent investment results while minimizing investment risk.


We partner with you.  We listen closely to you.  We review and rank your financial goals. 

We assess your tolerance for investment risk.  Only then do we jointly develop strategies designed to meet your very specific investment needs.


What you can expect from us

Fiduciary responsibility
Fair & competitive fees
Unbiased advice

We always put your interest first.

We work for you and with you. We are in business to serve you, not to sell you anything.

In an industry notorious for its opaqueness, we communicate with you openly and clearly, placing all our chips on the table for you to see.

Over 30 years of direct, hands-on experience weathering all kinds of markets, all kinds of inflation scenarios, and all kinds of interest rate scenarios.

Our only income is the fee you pay us.  We don't work on commission.  We don’t sell mutual funds, annuities, insurance or financial products of any kind.

Be mindful of the fees you pay: they lower your income and your return. Fees are a necessary fact of life but they should be fair and must be fully disclosed.

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About our name

Our firm is named after the Galápagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean, where Charles Darwin developed his thoughts on natural selection.

Unencumbered by preconceived ideas and not afraid to go against the prevailing wisdom of his day, Darwin drew on his detailed observations of the islands’ extraordinary ecosystem to formulate the principle that the species that survive and thrive in a fiercely competitive setting do so not because of their size, strength or speed but because of their ability to adapt to constant changes in their natural surroundings.

Intense competition is not the province of nature alone; the same degree of competitiveness is found in business and in the global economy.  Emulating Darwin, a fundamental tenet of our firm is that the ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment is the key to survival and eventual success in business and investments. We make it a point to closely examine our surroundings and to learn from such observations. And like Darwin, we are independent thinkers; we do not follow the crowd; we are neither captive to preconceived ideas nor afraid of challenging conventional wisdom.

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