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The prudent handling of one’s own financial affairs requires knowledge, resources, time, discipline, and objectivity. Whoever lacks any of those requirements would do well to engage the services of a qualified and trusted professional.

Our focus:  We provide investment management services and highly personalized investment solutions exclusively to two types of clients:

  • Midsize not-for-profit institutions (fire, ambulance & EMS companies; municipalities; endowments; trusts; 501(c)(3) organizations); and,

  • A limited number of high-net-worth families.

Minimum account size:  Access to our investment management and advisory services requires a minimum of $500,000 in investment assets.

Institutional Clients

Attention CFOs & Treasurers

As a CFO or Treasurer, your Board tasks you with deploying your institution's capital at minimal risk.  You are fully aware that when it comes to money nothing happens by chance; that meeting short-term funding requirements, putting together a 3-year budget, forecasting long-term capital expenditures, or addressing any other financial concerns, requires a well-thought-out plan.  And you know that for any plan to bear fruit, carefully and prudently developed strategies must be implemented.


When the time comes to replace a fire engine, an ambulance or some other piece of apparatus; or to upgrade equipment; or to expand a building; or to fulfill an endowment pledge; or to address any other financial concern, CFOs and Treasurers must have the funds they need, exactly when they need them.

Not sure how to go about it or not pleased with your present arrangement? Give us a call!  Our business is to make sure that the funds you need are there when you need them, with no fuss and a minimum of risk!

High-Net-Worth Clients

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! 

Live the life you've imagined – HENRY DAVID THOREAU

H-N-W Client Photo.jpg

You are a successful business owner... entrepreneur... senior


You've achieved almost all of what you set out to accomplish...
You’ve accumulated a certain amount of wealth...

You are in your golden years or about to enter them...
You want to experience life to the fullest, free to fulfill your dreams,

   unencumbered by worries about money
You've worked hard for your money; it's time for it to work hard for

    you so you can reap its benefits…

You want a dependable and stable level of income to fully meet

    your needs...

You want your money to be managed by a trustworthy, steady, and

   experienced hand...

Not sure how to go about it or not pleased with your present arrangement? Give us a call!  Our business is to make sure that your capital is managed prudently, skillfully, intelligently, with integrity, and at a minimum of risk!

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